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The Tab Birmingham is recruiting new writers – and we want you!

Come to our meeting on Friday 29th September at 5pm!

The Tab Birmingham is looking for a fresh team of student writers to continue entertaining Brum’s finest student population. The Tab is a student led news site changing the game of journalism, focused on highlighting stories that otherwise go unreported. With 30 student teams spanning uni campuses across the UK, The Tab is the biggest platform for young journalists.

We cover anything and everything, from hard hitting breaking news to campus gossip, quizzes and guides. Being involved with The Tab is more than just simply writing articles. Writing for us gives you an insight into how modern media works whilst meeting new people. Fear not though, you don’t have to have any experience or a desire to pursue a career in the news. Our team of writers receive journalistic training from industry experts, providing you with the foundations to get your writing mode ON.

We’re holding our first open meeting at Joe’s Bar, The Guild (UoB) at 5pm on Friday 29th September so head on down to find out what we’re about.

If that’s still not enough to muster your interest, here are four reasons we think you should check us out:

1. Get your stories heard

The team here in Brum works alongside HQ in London and the other student lead teams across the country. With a combined readership of over six million and recognition from industry leaders such as Vice, The Guardian and The Times,  your stories make impact where it matters. Our stories are published to our social media platforms – with the most juiciest featuring on the nationwide Tab website that receives tens of thousands of views every single day.

2. It looks bloody lovely on your CV

With the constant writing support and training provided by our team, alongside the intern opportunities at HQ in London, its unsurprising that our writers go onto careers with VICE, BBC, The Times, and Vogue. Just this year, former Tab student writers started jobs at The Telegraph, The Sun, and also Cosmopolitan.

3. You’ll make friends

As well as our student editorial team, our group of writers are down for a good old time. We’re a chill bunch so no crazy pressure, you can write for us as and when you’d like. We have no joining fees, so save your pennies for our socials throughout the year.

4. You can write about what matters to you

Whether you want to cover the ongoing strikes, expose goings on within the uni, have an interest in social media, or simply rate the best chicken and chip shops in Selly… our writers’ dedication means we get there first.

The opportunities are endless, and whether you are looking at a career in journalism or a creative outlook to vent, come and have a chat with us. We’re also searching for social media savvy students, meme makers, peoples who’s TikTok screen time is embarrassingly high, and master pub quizzers –  the Tab has a place for you.

No previous experience is needed, no minimum requirements, just bring yourself, tell a friend! Send us a message on Instagram @thetab_birmingham with any questions.

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