Georges calls out his new MAFS co-stars for being ‘bitter’ and ‘calculated’

He said there are a ‘lot of mind games’

Despite not being in the best place with Peggy, Georges has a lot to say about his eight new single co-stars who are joining the cast of MAFS.

He described how some of them are “clearly very genuine, others are clearly actors. I’m not going to name names but one of the individuals said to me, if I argue with everyone it’s going to amplify my screen time.

“So I was like, that’s not a very healthy way of looking at it, it’s not about screen time, you’re here to meet someone and work on your connection, but I felt quite a lot of people were calculated.”

The groom, who’s currently married to Peggy went on to say, “I think the biggest problem you’ve got is some people are bitter at how it turns out for them so what they do is f**k I don’t care but for the people who have leaked stuff remember you don’t know when it happens, you don’t know how it happens. There are a lot of mind games.”

As for the reaction he’s got from viewers so far he thinks it’s been “mixed,” but insists that Peggy and he are “really well matched.” He explained, “I wanted somebody ambitious, somebody driven, someone who’s aesthetically pleasing.

“People forget that because when they meet me on the wedding day it’s boobs this and boobs that. It is very much people have forgotten Peggy is everything I asked for. I’d never dream of upsetting her or her family because I know how much they mean to her.”

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