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MAFS Brad previously appeared on Dress To Impress

Omg, pics have surfaced of Brad from MAFS on yet another dating show

MAFS UK is his third shot at finding love on TV

MAFS UK Brad is to dating reality TV shows what Thanos was to the infinity stones. In that, Brad seems to be on a mission to appear on every reality dating show there is in existence.

Brad has previously appeared on Celebs Go Dating, where he dated Charlotte Crosby. And now it’s come out that he ALSO appeared on ITV 2’s Dress To Impress.

Via ITV 

Brad appeared on the dating show in October of last year, and appeared alongside his two brothers, Michael and Bryant. The show consists of “three fashionistas who compete with each other on a shopping spree to win the ultimate prize of going on a blind date with a fashion-savvy singleton.”


And fans of MAFS UK have certainly noticed that this isn’t his first dating show. One X user said, “This is at least the gird dating show Brad has been on… Dress To Impress, Celebs Go Dating… either he has a serious dating problem… or is a massive fame seeker.”

So maybe MAFS UK will be third time lucky for Brad’s love life? Brad is coupled up with Shona on MAFS UK, and after just one week, they have already told each other they’re in love. I’ve literally had mugs in my room for longer than that, maybe I should go and confess my love to them.

Expert Mel expressed her concern about the two saying the l word so quickly, and pointed out that Shona has a habit of falling in love quickly, and that it might be with her and Brad slowing down.

At the first dinner party, the other bride and grooms were left astounded by their closeness, with the experts pointing out that they could have been “peacocking” around their friends. And whilst the two are currently one of the strongest couples, Brad previously hinted at some difficulties for the couple, and described how he got “lost in lust” during his time on the show.

“I most definitely went in and got lost in lust, one million per cent. I got lost in the physical aspect of things, rather than the emotional. You go in and it’s at first physical, because you don’t know them, so when you get to know the person you actually find out if you get on or not.”

And just pointing out, Shona has pictures of the two of them on her Instagram, but Brad has absolutely none of Shona…

MAFS UK 2023 continues tonight on E4. For more on Brad from MAFS, and for all the memes and gossip, like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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