Want to write for The Warwick Tab? Here’s how to get involved

Pop into our open meeting at 1pm on Friday 6th October at the Dirty Duck

Are you interested in covering campus news? Maybe gossip or trends around uni that everyone is talking about? Do you want to be involved in serious discussions about the university and lighthearted guides on all things Warwick Uni?

If that sounds like your thing, The Warwick Tab is always looking for fresh writers to join the team, no matter your experience level. This is your opportunity to work with an amazing team, where your stories will be published online and get thousands of reads.

The Warwick Tab is a news site written by Warwick students, for Warwick students. Anyone can get involved and write as much or as little as they want. There’s really no pressure and it’s so easy to balance with regular uni work.

If you’re interested in writing for us, make sure to attend our first open meeting of the term on Friday the 6th of October at 1 p.m. at The Dirty Duck near the Piazza. You’ll find us dripped out in our white Tab T-Shirts and you’ll have the chance to meet our team of writers and editors (and maybe snatch a free T-shirt from us too).

What is the Tab?

The Tab is a student news site with more than six million monthly readers. The Tab is a national news site and is also spread across 30 different universities.

Writers for The Warwick Tab will get their articles shared on our Instagram and Facebook pages, with chances to also be shared on the national pages.

The Warwick Tab writes about breaking news stories on campus and topics that students actually care about like Warwick UCU calls off strike action originally planned for next week and last year’s article on Warwick students are occupying The Oculus in protest of the Warwick Economics Summit.

We also write fun pieces like The official freshers’ guide to every single Warwick Uni student hall and their vibes and We’re back! Here are six more of Leamington Spa’s best dinner date spots. This means there will always be something you can write about – whether it’s a bit of fun or something more serious.

Even though you’ll be writing for The Warwick Tab, The Tab’s national team works closely with us. The national team is run by experienced journalists who are always there to offer advice and help on any pieces you are working on.

Writing for us will be an amazing opportunity to get personal advice and build connections with real journalists who will help you with your writing along the way.

If you’re more geared into the social media side of things, you can come have a chat with our Instagram editor Tala Ahmadi, and Tiktok editor Maya Hill who curate memes, video guides and general entertaining content for us.

Why should I write for The Tab?

The Warwick Tab is a great place to start getting journalism experience. And if journalism isn’t the field you want to go into, writing for us still looks great on your CV. The Tab alumni have gone on to write for global publications, including the BBC, Vogue, The Guardian, and The Times.

Our team of editors and an assistant editor from HQ (yes, a real professional journalist) will be here to assist you when you need them.

The Warwick Tab is also a great way to meet people from all different years and courses – we aim to host multiple fun socials throughout the year.

How can I get involved?

Come to our first open meeting of the term on Friday the 6th of October at 1 p.m. at the Dirty Duck near the Piazza. You can come around and chat with the editorial team and find out how we go about our writing. You are also welcome to follow us on Instagram and DM us if you have any article ideas you would like to publish with us. We also have a writer’s Whatsapp group that you can join to find out if there are any articles you can get involved in. Just get in contact with us and we’ll send you a link.

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