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Omg, Brad from MAFS UK modelled for Shein and the pictures are giving vampire

If Mr Darcy was a goth, he’d be wearing these outfits

Brad from MAFS UK, who preaches spirituality and wellness on his socials, has been spotted modelling for the fast fashion company, Shein. The clothes items he has modelled for really are quite something.

I really think Brad should crack out his Shein looks for the next MAFS UK dinner party. So, let’s all have a look at what he has modelled on Shein then.

Via Shein

We absolutely have to start off with the cape look. The length. The colour. The chains across the front?? Aside from Halloween, when would someone actually wear this? Still, I definitely think Brad should bust out this look for the next MAFS UK dinner party.

Via Shein

Next up, is this floral jacquard vest. I don’t mind the vest too much but the colour scheme on this really is not great. Plus, the sunglasses are very much giving me the same vibes as the blind mice from Shrek.

Via Shein

This Shein shirt really is something. If MAFS UK was set in the 1400s, then you just know Brad would have been all over this outfit. The ruffled cuffs really bring it together. Someone left a review and a photo of them in the shirt, and all I’ll say is that it doesn’t exactly look like the original…

Via Shein

I think out of all of the clothes, this one suits Brad’s vibes the most. The rings and tattoos do actually go with the shirt pretty well, but again the vampire aura it gives off really is something. If Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice was a goth, this would 100 per cent be his look.

Featured images via Shein

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