Every messy thing that’s happened since Love Island’s Sammy and Jess announced their split

Sammy said the breakup ‘came as a total shock’

Since Love Island season 10 winners Sammy and Jess announced their split yesterday, it’s already got messy. From Sammy releasing a lengthy statement about the public breakup, to Jess being photographed in Ibiza being carried by a mystery man – here’s everything that’s happened since their split.

Love Island's Sammy and Jess have spilt

Via Instagram @sammyroot_

Love Island’s Sammy released a statement on Instagram last night about his breakup with Jess. He revealed that the two of them had had a “private conversation regarding our relationship” but that it was “left up in the air as Jess is still away and we haven’t had a chance to speak in person.” He went on to say that to see “via the media that we had officially broken up came as a complete shock.”

He made it clear in his statement that he “at least wanted a face-to-face conversation to see if our relationship could be saved.” Sammy said he “genuinely saw a future with Jess,” but that unfortunately “things don’t always work out the way you’d hoped.”

Love Island’s Jess has also removed all of her pinned posts that featured Sammy. She has also deleted all her highlighted stories with Sammy. So far Jess has not said anything regarding the breakup, but has been posting very vibey pictures of her Ibiza vacation. She seems very unbothered.

Sammy has also unpinned all his posts with Jess and has started to follow Ron again, with Ron following him back. So much drama.

Jess was also seen being carried by a mystery man near the pool in Ibiza. She’s really out here living her best life.

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