Which Love Island couples are still together?

Right, so which of the season 10 Love Island couples are actually still together?

If Whitney and Lochan split I will weep

Despite ending just two months ago, it’s hard to keep up with which couples from season 10 of Love Island are actually still together. If I’d written this article yesterday, then Sammy and Jess would have been included in it, but as they heartbreakingly announced their split, we’re one more couple down. Out of 11 couples, only four of them are still together. Four! And that includes Mitch and Abi, and honestly who knows what’s going on with the two of them?

So, let’s break down which couples from season 10 of Love Island are still together.

Lochan and Whitney

Lochan and Whitney were the runner-ups of Love Island, but honestly, I think they were robbed of the £50k.

Lochan and Whitney’s relationship began in Casa Amor where the two met, after Whitney was left to be single for a few days after Mehdi’s exit. Unlike the other couples in the villa, Lochan and Whitney had a very drama-free path toward love in the villa. There were no arguments between them, and they took their time working toward their current status as an exclusive relationship.

They were even voted the most compatible in the villa, and clearly, the islanders were onto something there as they’re still going strong two months later.

Tyrique and Ella


Tyrique and Ella finished Love Island in third place, despite being in a couple for the longest out of everyone this season. They were in a couple for all of their 58 days in the villa outside of two weeks in the season. These were days nine to 14 when Leah picked Tyrique for a couple, and days 31 to 37 after Ella returned from Casa Amor with Ouzy. Despite their ups and downs, they’re still going strong and are very adorable!

Zach and Molly

Zach and Molly didn’t begin Love Island season 10 as a couple like Tyrique and Ella did. To start with they were coupled up with other people. Zach, a day two bombshell, was with Catherine and Molly was with Mitchel. Two weeks into the season, following a kiss during a challenge, Zach and Molly coupled up.

Their relationship, which was made official in the final days of the season, almost came to an end as Molly was dumped from the island on day 19. However, in a shocking twist of events, she was brought back in for Casa Amor on Day 27. She and Zach picked up where they left off and cruised to the finale where they finished in fourth place.

Last month, Zach responded to split rumours, insisting the pair are very much still a thing. “It’s come to my attention that there have been some rumours going around – they’ve been circulating the internet – that me and Molly have recently split up,” Zach says in the clip. “Look, let me just come out and say it, it’s true. We’ve broken up and it’s unfortunate, to say the least.

Zach then panned the video to reveal Molly giggling in the corner, with Zach adding, “You know what it is? She does my nut in.” So looks like the two are still going strong!

Mitchell and Abi


Its getting messy.. @MessyMitch

♬ original sound – kardashianshulu

I can never keep up with this couple. It appears that Mitchell and Abi are back together, despite all of the drama they went through thanks to a messy split in the villa. Towards the end of September, they were photographed together at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards in London. Later on, Abi posted a TikTok where the couple lip-synced, “Ok guys, we’re back. Did you miss us? Because we missed you.”

They’ve also been seen at brunch and dinner together and they were spotted rocking matching bracelets. So for now, this Love Island couple is on the list.

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