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MAFS UK Instagram's

A roundup of the most iconic and weird Instagram pictures from the cast of MAFS UK

Seeing Luke’s bare bottom was not what I was expecting to see today

You can tell a lot about people from their Instagram posts. So naturally, I scoured through the Instagram accounts of the MAFS UK cast, to find the most iconic and weird posts. From mooning to being dressed as a stained shark, here are some of the most unhinged Instagram pictures from the MAFS UK cast.


Umm, I think someone needs to tell Brad that headphones usually go on his ears, and not on his hat. Feel like he’s going to struggle to listen to any music with those.


Looking at this post is making me feel quite diabetic, to be honest. I am fully here for the amount of mini marshmallows on the cream.


Georges has already been married?! Not really, this was for a modelling campaign.


Omg, have Bumblebee and Peggy been in a secret relationship this whole time? Georges is never going to be able to compete in Peggy’s eyes.


The picture and caption are making me crack up. I’ll take your word Arthur that July was a busy month, standing outside a church looks pretty hectic!


Pretty self explanatory.


The character screen in Mortal Kombat MAFS edition.


Absolutely love that Terence has just fully embraced the spoon meme.


In my head, he’s dressed as the shark from Katy Perry’s concert. Am slightly concerned by the stains if we’re being honest.



She’s living all our dreams.



I’m absolutely obsessed with the energy of this post. Incredibly iconic from Rosaline.


Again, Tasha is slaying and she knows it. Fully obsessed with this fit.

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