Brad from MAFS UK face tattoos meaning

Okay, so what do all of Brad from MAFS UK’s face tattoos actually mean?

A lot of them are to do with spirituality

You might have noticed a lot of things about Brad from MAFS UK. But one thing you can’t miss is his numerous tattoos. Most notable are the ones that he has on his face. He has quite a few tattooed in black and red ink, but what exactly do they mean? Well, according to sleuths on Reddit, here’s what Brad from MAFS face tattoos actually mean.

Let’s tackle the left hand of his face first. The star-shaped symbol to the left of his eye is a Chinese symbol. The symbol means either water or wood. If it’s the symbol for water it can represent inward energy, and aiding those in returning to peace and centre at the end of a cycle. If the symbol is for wood, it tends to represent an expanding and rising force.

The second black tattoo on Brad from MAFS UK’s face is the aum symbol. This symbolises the universe and ultimate reality. It represents the sacred sound of aum, which is the symbol of oneness in Hinduism and other religions. In the West, it also represents yoga, spirituality and feelings of inner peace. Very on-brand with Brad’s Instagram content.

The only red tattoo on the left-hand side of Brad’s face is the Punjabi word for strength. It can be interpreted as both inner and outer strength.

Moving on to the right side of his face, he has another few that Reddit has worked out the meanings of. The red tattoo underneath his eyebrow is thought to be the Virgo symbol. Men who are Virgo are thought to be hardworking and intelligent, but also judgemental, petty and obsessive.

Brad also has three dots on his face. Reddit thinks this represents mi vida loca, or my crazy life. It often is used to represent the struggles of the underprivileged and the minorities. The meaning of the tattoo is to accept whatever comes your way in life, however wild it is.

The larger tattoo underneath the three dots is in Arabic. The tattoo supposedly means congratulations in Arabic, but Reddit has wondered whether Brad originally intended for it to say blessed.

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