So, how much do the cast of MAFS UK actually get paid?

They’re not even allowed to work until the show stops airing!

Some reality shows like Love Island have a cash incentive for winning the show. For others, you’ll get paid for your time on the show. But do the cast of MAFS UK actually get paid to participate in the show, and if they do how much do they make?

Whilst the official amounts for MAFS UK haven’t been revealed, cast members from the Australian version have revealed that they were paid “around 150 bucks per day.” This is roughly £84 per day and the experiment lasts for around eight week.

That means the brides and grooms of MAFS UK could end up making roughly £4,760 for their time on the show. And with who some of them are married to, I’d argue that’s nowhere near enough incentive.

However, whilst the cast members are filming the show, they are not allowed to work their day jobs. And even once the show has finished filming they still can’t work until it’s finished airing.

One previous MAFS UK contestant Clark Sherwood, has spoken out about the money situation, saying, “there’s no financial gain from going on the show”.

So, it looks like they are all really in it for the fame, or the potential influencing career.

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