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Here’s how to eat and drink for cheap as a Cardiff student

Because we know you’re lacking in funds, let’s be real

Whether you’re a fresher living in Cardiff for the first time, or a returning student who’s blown their student loan already, we’ve got the perfect guide to all the ways you can save your pennies and still have fun. From takeaways to loyalty cards, we’ve got you covered.

Two for Tuesdays

If you fancy splashing the cash on a takeaway, you could do worse than Dominos, who offer a two-for-one deal on medium pizzas every Tuesday. They’re also a pretty big presence at the Freshers’ Fair, where they give out free slices of pizza and student discount vouchers.

Wing Wednesdays

If you’re looking for a way to line your stomach pre-YOLO, catch up with your mates mid-week or just eat as much chicken as humanly possible, Wing Wednesday is the way forward. Both Gassy’s and the Woodville sell chicken and cauliflower wings for 40p apiece from 11:30-21:00 every Wednesday, as well as offering student discount.


It’s only obvious if you know about it: Vodka squash (aka squadka) is cheap and genuinely lethal. A litre of sqaush will set you back a couple of quid and last ages, and the only other ingredients are your favourite vodka and some lovely free tap water. We can’t guarantee you’ll remember your night, but you’ll at least have the comfort of cash when you wake up.

The Taf

The SU pub has deals on every day, with different food and drink discounts to suit everyone. Arguably the best of all is Dirty Fridays, with 50% off dirty fries, as well as most drinks. If you’re looking for a cheap way to pre on a Friday night, The Taf might well be the one. The Sunday carvery is also a stunning way to eat off a hangover.

Too Good to Go

Cardiff is bursting with restaurants and cafes, and chances are your favourite one is part of Too Good to Go. The app allows restaurants to package up their excess food and sell it for a considerably reduced price. The bags range from fruit and vegetables to actual meals, and you never know quite what you’re going to get, but chances are it’ll be a bargain. You’ve got to have your wits about you though (and your notifications turned on), as bags are often snapped up seriously quickly.

Supermarket Points Cards

You might claim loyalty to your Tesco Clubcard, but chances are you’ll find yourself popping into Sainsbury’s or Co-Op every now and then, and having a points card will save you those much-needed pennies on your meal deal. Signing up for every supermarket takes a few minutes, and you can usually add the cards to your phone’s wallet, so you don’t even need to carry anything extra with you. You’d be surprised how quickly points stack up, and before you know it you’re picking up your pre-drinks for free.

Loyalty Cards