Sophia Ledger

Social Media Editor

Sophia Ledger
Bournemouth University

Cardiff student life, pop culture, nights out, Cathays, clubbing culture, features, social media, university life

  • Sophia oversees the Cardiff Tab’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as contributing and editing articles
  • She writes predominantly on pop culture, nights out and the best ways to live for cheap as a student
  • Sophia knows everything there is to know about British sitcoms from the 2000s, and loves a pub quiz


Sophia has been writing for the Cardiff Tab as a student contributor since 2022, after looking for ways to add to her degree in first year. She became the Social Media Editor in 2023


Sophia is a final-year English Literature student at Cardiff University. She is currently writing her dissertation on literary depictions of adolescent female mental health and hysteria


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