This is what the actors who left Sex Education before its final season are doing now

Why couldn’t it have been Otis?

The final season of Sex Education dropped on Netflix last month, and we’re all devastated. Over the years, the show has spawned endless memes, as well as sensitively handling a wealth of issues, from sexual assault to coming out. While many of our fave Moordale students returned, there were a few notable disappearances from the cast, unfortunately not from Otis, who is categorically the worst, but you can’t always get what you want. This is what the actors from Sex Education who left the show before it’s final season are up to now:

Simone Ashley – Olivia

Simone Ashley’s time as mean-girl Olivia came to an end due to conflicting roles, as she’s now a self-described “Bridgerton girl”. She plays Kate on the Regency-era Netflix hit, and has confirmed she’ll be back for series three. Honestly, if I had the chance to pretend to be married to Jonathan Bailey I would, so fair dos babe.

Patricia Allison – Ola

Otis’ ex-lover and also ex-kind-of-step-sister (so icky), didn’t come back to Moordale for season four. Instead, Patricia Allison says she’s focusing on other opportunities, performing in plays and even taking part in a gin campaign. She occasionally posts Lily and Ola fanart on her Insta story – adorable.

Tanya Reynolds – Lily

Lily was so iconic, bringing alien erotica weirdness to the halls of Moordale and also being the centre of a storyline that brought awareness to the condition vaginismus. On her departure from Sex Education, Tanya Reynolds told the Radio Times that “[it’s] just the natural progression of these shows”, and has gone on to take a starring role in Channel 4’s I Hate You, a sitcom from the creator of Friday Night Dinner.

Chaneil Kular – Anwar

Once part of the “Untouchables” along with Ruby and Olivia, Anwar wasn’t part of season four. He and Olivia are explained to have enrolled at a different school, while in real life, actor Chaneil Kular is starring in the incredibly stressful Accused on Netflix.

Mikael Persbrandt – Jakob

Icky Ola’s icky dad Jakob doesn’t appear this season, explained briefly as no longer being with Jean. Genuinely what kind of man would choose to leave Gillian Anderson? Insane behaviour, in my opinion. Since his departure from the show, actor Mikael Persbrandt has appeared in a few Scandinavian dramas, as well as Apple TV’s Foundation.

Anne-Marie Duff – Erin

via Netflix

Spoiler warning (although if you haven’t watched season four then what are you doing?): Maeve’s mum Erin is killed off pretty early into the new series. Although her character was hardly a great mum, Anne-Marie Duff was cast perfectly. Seriously, are her and Emma Mackey actually related? She’s been iconic since Shameless, and continues to star in a wealth of TV, most recently Apple TV’s excellent Bad Sisters.

Jemima Kirke – Hope

She was a bit evil, and technically left at the end of season three after losing her job, but Hope does in fact not appear in season four. Instead, actress Jemima Kirke has appeared in Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends, and I’m kind of obsessed with her Insta, too.

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