Secret rooms and unlimited alcohol: Inside the explosive MAFS UK dinner parties

They can go on until 3am

One of the best parts of MAFS UK is the explosive dinner parties, where all the couples come together and tensions rise. But have you ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes secrets? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the MAFS UK dinner parties.

Previous MAFS UK bride Amy Christophers appeared on the 2021 series, and explained that half the reason the MAFS UK cast gets so tense at the dinner parties, is because they’re left hangry from the “f*****g awful” food.

Filming can start as early as 8:30 am and often the dinner parties won’t finish until 3 am. There are even secret rooms where the cast are held before the dinner party, to make sure they don’t speak to the other before the couples.

Amy described how, “You’ll be sat waiting in a room, and then they move you out of it, and into a different room.

“And slowly, you get closer and closer to the party – and you’re staggered out so you don’t see the other couples before you walk in, and you have no idea what order you’re going in.”

During the mixer, the couples are allowed to drink as much alcohol as they’d like to help them feel more relaxed. Afterwards, they go back to the individual rooms to help them “sober up,” and allow the producers time to set up the dinner party scene. Sometimes that would mean the brides and grooms would be waiting “an hour or even two,” until they could go the dinner party.

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