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Love Island Kai Will

Kai from Love Island has spoken out about the ongoing cast feud with farmer Will

Kai described how ‘Will is doing himself’

There’s a new update about the feud between farmer Will and the rest of the Love Island stars. At the Pride of Britain awards Kai Fagan addressed the ongoing feud between farmer Will and his fellow Love Island cast members. Kai explained how he “has no animosity towards Will,” but that Will has had a “bit of a disagreement with a few of the boys.”

Casey and Tom from Love Island appeared on a podcast last month, where they talked about their feud with Will. The three were known as the three musketeers in the villa, but since leaving Will hasn’t been seen with Casey or Tom. He recently unfollowed both Casey and Tom, and was even removed from a Love Island group chat because of his behaviour.

And at the Pride of Britain awards Kai Fagan spoke about the feud, confirming that there was a fallout between Will and the other Love Island cast members, amid a “disagreement.”

Kai talked about spending time with his fellow castmates, saying, “I speak to them when I see them, and when I see them at events we catch up on group chats, but everyone is doing their own thing. Will seems like he’s doing himself.

“There is still a WhatsApp group but obviously Will has had a bit of a disagreement with a few of the boys, but apart from that I have no animosity towards Will, we got on, but we weren’t best friends.”

Will himself previously addressed the apparent fallout, explaining that “So they [Tom and Casey] went out for dinner. I was invited but I couldn’t go – I live out of the city, I’m working on the farm and focusing on my girlfriend.

“They had their dinner and from what I saw on their stories had a couple of drinks, had a good time and then later that night Ron removed me from the group chat.”

Admitting he was “really confused”, Will added, “I sat back and thought, you’ve got four people sat at a table, a conversation about me would have happened, I don’t know what is it, so although Ron removed me I think it was a whole group situation.

“Not one of them has messaged me or added me back into the group chat. So I thought, do you know what? I don’t want the stress in my life, so I unfollowed them. That’s basically what happened.”

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