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Meet Erica, MAFS UK’s newest Scottish intruder who owns her own social media company

She’s also a model and professional dancer!

Alert the sirens because MAFS UK’s newest intruder has arrived! 25-year-old Erica walked down the aisle to 26-year-old Jordan in MAFS UK this week. But who is the newest bride to enter the MAFS UK experiment?

Erica was born and lives in Edinburgh, and is a dance teacher, model and social media manager. She owns her own company, ELEV8 Social, which specialises in Instagram and TikTok growth. It offers various different packages for companies and influencers, starting at £300 per month. The company manages some big Edinburgh businesses such as Solti, Pigs Wine Bar and Scran.

Talking about her reasons for appearing on MAFS UK, Erica said, “My love life was a shambles. I was completely going for the wrong kind of guys. All I’ve wanted is to settle down and have that security, that someone that I can literally spend my life with and have a best friend. I just thought I needed help doing this. Maybe the experts can find me someone.”

And whilst Erica’s Instagram shows she used to be a big party girl, she’s described how she’s not like that anymore. Erica said how she “grew up really fast. I lived in London for five years partying there. I feel like I’m at that stage now where I’m not interested in going out.

“It’s only in the past eight months that I’ve completely changed. I’ve stayed indoors, been working, going to the gym, and being a healthy queen, but before that, I was out every weekend.”

Her Instagram shows how much Erica loves travelling, having visited Turkey and Dubai. And everywhere she has stayed looks very boujee, I’m very jealous!

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