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Porscha from MAFS UK accuses Luke of kissing the other grooms ‘with tongue’ during rant

She explained she only kissed Tom and Luke

Why is it that all of the juiciest MAFS UK drama always seems to happen off-screen? Porscha took to her Instagram story to address what was being said about the game of spin the bottle, that the cast had played when the cameras weren’t rolling.

On last night’s MAFS UK episode, the dinner party became explosive as Porscha was accused of cheating on her husband Terence after allegedly snogging four men.

As the cast members gathered at dinner, Georges was quick to point out to Terence that Porscha had been kissing four other men during a game of spin the bottle. After confronting Porscha she insisted it “wasn’t a big deal” and that she wouldn’t have minded if it had been the other way around. But Georges and Porscha started arguing at the table when she told him he had “no right” to question her relationship, and continued to defend her actions, saying it was “just a game.”

And now Porscha has taken to her Instagram story to explain her side of the story in an explosive rant. In a video, Porscha explained how “there weren’t even four guys there” and clarified that the only guys she kissed were “Tom and Luke.” She said that “Luke had kissed Tom and Paul and Nathanial, with tongue.”

And she didn’t let Jay escape her rant either, accusing her of “scissoring with Rozz for at least 30 minutes.”

In a caption on her video she also said that “Ella kissed everyone,” and apologised to Laura and Tash saying “This isn’t going to be the Porscha show, I’m done being gracious to you guys.”

In a separate story, she posted text saying: “I’m actually over this narrative because you know there were over eight people there, boys tongue kissing boys. Laura was also there without her husband, so did she also cheat?”

Since then, Luke has responded to each of Porscha’s points in his own Instagram story, breaking down each point she made with his own perspective on what happened. I’m absolutely living for the drama, I just wish they had filmed it!

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