Bosh: TikTok sensation Big John took over Union and it was nothing short of iconic

Popular TikTok superstar Big John graced Lincoln with his presence

Big John headlined Union at Home last Night and put on quite the show.

“Big John” Fisher has gained internet fame by sharing the details of his life, his love of Chinese food, and the catchphrase “Bosh”, which he uses to end his videos.

He is the father of professional boxer Johnny Fisher and has amassed a devoted following, making him perhaps more recognisable than his athlete son. He currently has more than 200k followers on TikTok alone.

At one of Lincoln’s student nights, Union, Big John honoured Lincoln with his presence. Over the years, Lincoln has encountered many influential figures, but John is unlike anyone else. He got the whole crowd screaming his catchphrase and was even throwing Chinese fortune cookies. 

His iconic appearance on stage was shortly followed by a meet and greet where John took plenty of pictures with his fans. There was a queue running throughout the club of people just waiting to meet him. 

One delighted clubber said: “t was one of the better nights out I’ve been on in a while. I liked how it was busy but not too busy that I felt squished or uncomfortable, and when Big John got on stage, it just brought the atmosphere to life.”

However, even though the majority of people seemed to be loving the night, another clubber said, “I was disappointed how he was only on stage for a few minutes, I wish he staged on longer and did more things. Also, the meet and greet wasn’t really a meet and greet. You waited like half an hour just for a photo then they rushed you away”.

Lincoln seems to have been swept up in John’s charisma, and he had both fans and haters, but either way, he undoubtedly attracted a crowd.

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