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Denim shorts and tattoos: Porscha savagely lists all the petty things she hates about Terence

She said his pink shirt was ‘too feminine’

Porscha has been involved in a lot of drama throughout her time on MAFS UK, from spoongate to spin the bottle. But she appeared on the podcast Reality with Will Njobvu to talk about her time on the show, and her marriage with husband Terence. Terence dramatically decided to leave the show in last night’s MAFS UK episode, after a heated dinner party the night before.

On the podcast, Porscha did not hold back on savagely saying everything that she hated about Terence, from him wearing a pink shirt to getting “the ick” because he wore a pink shirt. And the two are still on bad terms, as they’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram and Porscha said the last time she saw Terence was “at the commitment ceremony.”

He wasn’t her usual type

Porscha described how Terence wasn’t her “usual type at all looks wise,” and said the moment he smiled at the altar she saw his gold tooth and thought, “okay I’ve never dated a guy with a gold tooth before.” She also didn’t like the fact he had tattoos but because she got some herself when she was younger, she “didn’t judge him for it.”

She didn’t think they were a very compatible match

“I don’t think he sold them on the fact he’s a DJ, he sold them on the fact he’s a father and youth worker. Felt like that was our biggest correlation because she’s a mother and he loves to work with young kids so they’ll be that compassion there, that’s why they matched me.”

She got major ick from seeing him wear denim shorts

Just like all of us, there are things that give Porscha the ick. She described how it wasn’t shown in MAFS UK but Terence wore a pair of denim shorts, and because she “works in fashion” seeing him in the shorts “gave her the ick.” She did kindly say however that she decided not to “write him off” completely because of it. How generous of her.

And didn’t like that he wore a pink shirt

Porscha was not on the Barbie and Ken trend. Saying how she “really likes men who are comfortable in their masculinity” she thought Terence was “quite feminine” because he wore a pink shirt. As we all know the only masculine colours a man can wear are black and navy blue.

His behaviour gave her red flags

Porscha explained how Terence would always tell her how similar they were, and that was a red flag for her. She felt like he was “mirroring” her behaviour and didn’t understand how he could say that they were so similar when they didn’t know each other. She described how it was “very scary to me because I’ve been in situations where men have mirrored me to try and create a false sense of intimacy.”

She felt pressure from him to behave a certain way

On their honeymoon, Porscha felt a lot of pressure from her husband to “behave a certain way like Brad and Shona.” But she explained how she made it clear she was “not going to fall in love with you this honeymoon.”

Terence told her he was only on the show to promote his DJ career

Porscha hated that Terence didn’t seem serious about his time on the show. Allegedly Terence told Porscha that the only reason he applied to MAFS UK was to “promote his DJ business.” She explained how Terence telling her that, as well as him telling her he has cheated in the past, “plus so many other things made me think, right he’s just not serious.”

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