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Omg, Luke and Porscha are still feuding on Instagram and even sharing their angry DMs

Luke accused Porscha of ‘trying to get more followers’

Surprise, surprise, Luke and Porscha from MAFS UK are still feuding on their Instagram stories. I’ll be cold in the grave before these two decide to call it quits.

It all kicked off yesterday when Porscha posted to her Instagram story accusing Luke of kissing the other grooms “with tongue,” during an off-camera game of spin the bottle. This then led Luke to take to his story and respond to each of the points Porscha made. I’m exhausted just reading this. Luke even went as far as to say how he asked Terence, “Do you know your wife is a cheating bitch?”, despite saying earlier he wouldn’t be talking about the rest of the cast on social media.

And so of course, Porscha had to respond to his response to her original story. God, this is harder to keep up with than algebra. Porscha posted a screenshot of her DMs on Instagram showing her conversation with Luke, and we can see Porscha messaged Luke saying: “Lol everyone’s catching strays, not having this narrative that I was the only girl who kissed all the boys, when I didn’t even really want to play.”

Via Instagram @porscha.x

Porscha elaborated on this in her podcast appearance on Reality with Will Njobvu. She explained how she wanted to leave when the rest of the cast started playing spin the bottle, but they told her “no you have to play.”

Porscha captioned the screenshot with text saying, “Because Luke Worley won’t stop talking about me, but refuses to discuss what he has done! Last time keep my name out of your mouth, and I’ll do the same!” Porscha is sounding like Will Smith 2.0 over here.

Via Instagram @lukeworley1

And of course, Luke had to respond to Porscha. Luke screenshotted Porscha’s story, and wrote over the top of it, “This woman…” alongside two laughing emojis. He then went on to say, “She is just trying to get more followers because she knows I’m more relevant.”

I really can’t with these two, if you’re going to argue, save it for the screen!

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