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Porscha regrets appearing on MAFS UK as she admits she ‘made a huge mistake’

She wanted to leave in the first week but producers encouraged her to stay

Porscha has admitted how she “made a huge mistake” in appearing on MAFS UK, and wishes she had left at the first commitment ceremony.

Porscha from MAFS UK recently appeared on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast where she discussed her time on MAFS UK and her marriage to husband Terence. Terence decided to quit MAFS UK in last night’s episode, leaving Porscha “blindsided” after she claimed he had been reassuring her minutes before.

Porscha told podcast host Will she thought Terence’s decision to leave “had to be a knee-jerk reaction, his reasons don’t make any sense to me.”

And now Porscha has explained her regrets about even appearing on the dating show in the first place. After their honeymoon, Porscha started to see “red flags” in Terence’s behaviour, which included him “mirroring” her actions and mannerisms.

She said how she “was slowly starting to realise I had made a big mistake like it wasn’t just about him, it was about everything I had given up to go on the show. I felt like my hopes and dreams were gone, and I was mourning the death of this experience.”

When the time came for the first commitment ceremony Porscha decided to stay, whereas Terence wrote that he wanted to leave. But Porscha thinks that “looking back now I should have written leave, but I had the producers and other cast members encouraging me to stay.”

But the other cast members might be more keen for Porscha to leave the show now, as she talked about the now iconic spin the bottle conversation. Porscha ranted about how “Peggy and George were being way too much in my business. Honestly, I was just like I really need you to get off my back because you’re not my mum and dad. I don’t have to explain my actions to you, or my thoughts. I mean we’re not even friends like that, so just back off a little bit, I had hardly even spoken to Peggy.”

Well, at least she’s coming out of the experiment knowing she’s obviously pretty good at playing spin the bottle.

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