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Brad defends his behaviour on MAFS UK, saying he’s been ‘very very misunderstood’

He felt he was ‘portrayed by his worst parts’

Brad was removed from MAFS UK on last night’s episode after his behaviour was deemed “controlling.” And now Brad has rushed to defend the accusations against him on social media, posting a TikTok video addressing what happened on MAFS UK.

On the show last week, Brad was accused of being controlling towards his new wife, when he told her to “shut up” during the commitment ceremony, and branded her emotionally immature. He also spoke of “allowing” Shona to be upset, comments which sparked a response from women’s charity, Women’s Aid.

Brad started off the video by wanting to apologise to “anyone that my actions have offended in any way, shape or form during my time on the experiment of MAFS UK.”

He extends his apology to the viewers and his fellow castmates that they got to see his “worst sides” during his time on the show. He explains how he’s currently experiencing a lot of “hatred and malice” from people who have built up a “very strong embedded opinion of me.”

He asks viewers to open up to the fact that “you were all judging me based on some very short snippets from hours and hours of filming” that had been “dramatised for the highest form of entertainment.” He explained that he is a very “unhappy person” when he’s put in a period of time where he feels “suffocated.” But admits that this is “no excuse for the way I acted.”