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Teddy Love Island

Teddy from Love Island has a new girlfriend, and fans think they’ve figured out who it is!

The FBI has nothing on Love Island fans

Teddy from Love Island has recently revealed he’s “loved up” in a new relationship, seven months after his split from Faye Winter. And after some investigative Instagram sleuthing that would make the FBI proud, fans are convinced they’ve worked out who Teddy’s new girlfriend is.

The Love Island star appears to be on holiday with model and actress Casey Boonstra, who has a massive 1.6million followers on Instagram. Both Teddy and Casey have been sharing very similar photos from a trip to Kos in Greece, including pictures of the same beach area and even of the same meal.

Via Instagram @teddy_soares and @caseboon

Casey has modelled for the front cover of Maxim magazine and is also a TV presenter and actress. She is the host of the TV show In Real Life, where she interviews the top Only Fans creators whilst going on wild adventures with them.

Teddy has discussed his new relationship with his girlfriend saying, “I am loved-up at the moment. Well maybe I shouldn’t say loved-up but I am seeing someone and really happy. It is early days and I’m not going to say who it is. We are just taking our time and getting to know each other. I think at this stage we are just finding out about each other and becoming best friends which is really nice.

“She makes me very happy.,” Teddy continued. “She’s a total vibe. I’m not sure I should be saying all this as I’ve not spoken about her before but yes I’m into her.”

It comes just weeks after Teddy answered a fan’s question as to whether he was ready to return to the dating scene, explaining, “It’s a weird one, because I feel like I’m emotionally available to start dating, but I’m not completely self-confident if that makes sense.”

Teddy and Faye announced their split earlier this year, via an Instagram post. Faye wrote: “I wanted to let you know that after lots of time and consideration, Teddy and I have decided to go our separate ways. Thank you all so much for supporting our relationship and sharing the journey with us. I’m forever grateful.” Faye signed off the message from her and their dog Bonnie.

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