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Terence has strongly denied accusations that he cheated on Porscha throughout MAFS UK

Porscha posted ‘receipts’ on her story before deleting them

Whilst appearing on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, Porscha accused her husband Terence of cheating on her throughout their time on the show. Terence has since strongly denied these accusations.

Porscha told podcast host Will, “Since the show has been airing I’ve had multiple women message me saying he was in a relationship with them, I’ll show you the DMs. He’s not going to defend himself he’s got another girlfriend watching this.”

Porscha posted on her Instagram story that if more than 1000 people swiped up to listen to the podcast episode she would “drop the receipts.” She then posted a series of screenshots to her story, before swiftly deleting them.

Terence has responded to the claims that he cheated on Porscha throughout his time on MAFS UK, telling The Tab, “I strongly refute any claim that I cheated on Porscha during the experiment.”

Terence decided to quit MAFS UK this week, leaving Porscha “blindsided” after she claimed he had been reassuring her minutes before. Porscha told podcast host Will she thought Terence’s decision to leave “had to be a knee-jerk reaction, his reasons don’t make any sense to me.”

Terence described how he quit because he “couldn’t deal with all the drama.” Porsha was deep in drama in MAFS this week because of an off-camera game of spin the bottle, where she kissed “Tom and Luke.”

As the cast members gathered at dinner, Georges was quick to point out to Terence that Porscha had been kissing four other men during a game of spin the bottle. After confronting Porscha she insisted it “wasn’t a big deal” and that she wouldn’t have minded if it had been the other way around. But Georges and Porscha started arguing at the table when she told him he had “no right” to question her relationship, and continued to defend her actions, saying it was “just a game.”

Porscha has since explained how she felt that “Peggy and George were being way too much in my business. Honestly, I was just like I really need you to get off my back because you’re not my mum and dad. I don’t have to explain my actions to you, or my thoughts. I mean we’re not even friends like that, so just back off a little bit.”

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