Voi e-scooters set to leave Bristol this Friday

The iconic red e-scooters will be replaced by the green WESTscoot

As of Friday, the staple red Voi electric scooters will no longer be seen around Bristol, Bath and South Gloucester.

In their place German company TIER will be providing the WESTscoot, a bright green e-scooter.

Following the success of Voi’s three year stint in the city, TIER have agreed a four year contract with the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority which is expected to bring in over £9 million. The money raised will be reinvested in future transport improvements.

This roll out is set to include 4,000 WESTscoot e-scooters, 1,500 e-bikes and 20 e-cargo bikes designed to carry goods for local businesses.

This change of contract comes with 100 new e-scooter parking racks to address residents’ concerns over irresponsible parking.

As for the existing Voi scooters, on-street and long-term rental services will both stop on Friday 13th October. Those with monthly subscriptions can expect to be contacted with further details.

On their time within the city, a spokesperson for Voi said:

“This means we will sadly be saying goodbye for now. We are incredibly grateful to you for being a rider with us — each of you have played a critical role in transforming how Bristol, Bath and South Gloucester move.

“Together, we have taken over 11 million rides and in so doing shown other cities around the world that a more environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable way is possible.

“We very much hope to return soon.”

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