Are you really an Edi Uni student if you haven’t done these embarrassing things?

We’ve all been there but does that really make you feel better?

University is always described as some of the best years of your life: Creating experiences and friendships that you will treasure forever. What most people don’t say is that you will also experience some of the most humbling and cringe-worthy moments you can imagine. Here are some of the most embarrassing things you can do as an Edi uni student:

Not getting into a club (because you’re too drunk?)

Bonus points if it’s not even a club – once you get rejected from Southsider you have bigger issues to deal with than being embarrassed.

Otherwise, this one is a right of passage: Are you really a student if you haven’t been rejected from WhyNot after repeatedly claiming “I’ve sobered up” the entire walk over?

Trying and failing to get on WYWW

You know you’re going downhill when you sprint down the library stairs after seeing that first what are you wearing Wednesday post go up.

I have done this at least three times. I am not proud of my choices, but I know I’m not the only student that has tried, and failed, to show off their completely mediocre fit.

Doing laps of the library

Yes we all noticed you walking towards that seat, only to realise there’s already someone’s laptop there. We also saw you fake a phone call to walk away from that situation.

Getting to the club, but realising that it’s dead

Cowgate, I love you, but you have more highs and lows than high school football.

Forgetting to mute your phone in the Library

Whether it’s a phone call, the alarm you set (but don’t know why), or a TikTok featuring a random alpha male podcast you’ve never seen before, we’ve all been there, but that doesn’t stop everyone on your floor having a silent giggle.

Special shoutout to being name dropped on the library intercom, which went off as I was writing this. I didn’t even know there was one.

Someone telling you there’s a checkout free in Lidl

You can feel the internal rage of a retail worker every time they have to direct one of us to an available till, I am so sorry.

Getting exposed for your obsession with your friend group’s campus celebrities

We all have them, don’t lie. That random guy with a funny haircut, a friend of a friend’s ex, or that one group that’s always immaculately dressed, even for your Monday 9am lecture. In my flat, we have one (Peter Bakes). Yes we have a pillow of his face in our flat, and no, I have no idea where it came from.

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