Jamie Calder

Jamie Calder
University of Edinburgh
Bournemouth University

Student news, student spots, nights out, student housing, edi goes dating, Scottish student experience, U18 fresher.

  • Jamie is a student contributor for the Tab Edinburgh where he writes the weekly 'Clubbers of the Week' articles
  • Jamie enjoys writing about the embarrassing (but relatable) side of uni, while also delving into more serious news when it pops up.
  • He grew up in Glasgow and Ayr before moving to Edinburgh to study Geography and Politics at university


Jamie joined the Tab in his second year and started by writing guide style articles, taking on Clubbers of the Week later in the year. He has previously written for other student publications and co-created and ran an opinions blog while at school as well as a student advice blog in his first year at university.


Jamie studies Geography and Politics at university, taking additional courses in economics and law. He has higher level proficiency in French and will potentially continue this at university.


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