Clubbers of the Week: Stairway to heaven in Week Seven

Mid-terms and Halloween – two more reasons to go out!

Despite the all-nighters in the library rushing through midterm assignments, and the terrifying prospect of spending two hours queuing in Cowgate covered in facepaint and cat-ears on Halloween weekend, we made it through. From Barbie to bin-men, we’ve truly seen it all this week.

Stunner of the week



Runners Up

Five VKs down and still slaying

Even with completely different themes they still ate

Slaying and she knows it

I need to know who their dentist is!

The most wholesome friendgroup

Creeper of the Week


Probably needed in Hive

Runners Up

I am genuinely afraid

How I look ordering a kebab after a long night out



“Yeah that’s mint, lets do that”

“So I heard you’re single now”

Lads on tour (+1)

Hero of the week


Not the hero we expected, but the hero we needed

Runners up

Found Wally guys x

Put that tongue away.

When your friend offers to buy you a shot

Just spotted the student discounts

Heroine of the Week


Really showing all your friends up (as you should)

Runners up

Straight out of a Shakespeare play

The Wendy Williams pout – obsessed

Rock On

Close to being in creeper of the week with those eyes

WTF Moment of the Week


Get you someone who looks at you like this

Runners up

What happened here?

I’ve seen too many close-ups writing this

No caption needed

Absolutely not

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week


They definitely have a burn book

Runners up

Loving the guy on the left’s smile!

She’s not impressed

Jekyll and Hyde

One and a half smiles out of five

Best of the Rest

Babes you’re at Rascals not Calton Hill x

Tea has been spilt

No crumbs

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Thomas Image Photography: The Hive Nightclub

Neil Stewart: Rascals

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