Clubbers of the Week: 10s all around in Week 10

The nights are getting colder and darker by the day, so why not keep warm at Subway? 

As we all start to hunker down and start preparing for the dreaded exam season, one last hurrah is needed, unless you went to Big Cheese, clearly you’ve already started your mental breakdown.

Stunner of the Week


You guys are glowing

Runners Up:

We might have found the happiest clubbers in Why Not

The Tab’s finest serving as always

Big Cheese doesn’t deserve you guys

Any other week I would probably find a reason to slate you but honestly this is quite cute

Creeper of the Week


Why does this look as though it’s a normal occurrence

Runners Up:

This was NOT your moment

The cutest over the shoulder creep moment

There is so much room for you all to fit in this picture you do not need to be creeping

What my fridge sees when I’m trying to see sneak a peak to see if the light turns off

Wanker of the Week



Runners Up:

Why are you more prepared for a board meeting than clubbing

Please stop, you make me feel physically ill

I feel like you would all bully me and it’s giving me another reason to stay away from Hive

Fuck you too then

Hero of the Week


This guy knows how to bring the party

Runners Up:

How I feel after ordering a single round of £1 shots

Say cheese!!!!

I commend you for trying to enjoy Big Cheese

My annoying ass as soon as ABCDEFU comes on

Heroine of the Week


The bravery, skill and pure audacity to pull off a worm in the middle of the sticky Big Cheese dance floor is worthy of more fame than this article will get you

Runners Up:

Gotta stay warm on the treck over to Why Not

I want to hear the conversations between friends while they make the plan to do this

Soft parenting an alcoholic

This much slay is being wasted in Big Cheese

WTF Moments of the Week


I have so many questions but I honestly don’t want the answers

Runners Up:

This will probably be your mums facebook profile pic for the next few years – just make sure to crop out the board x.

Me jumping to conclusions when everyone is drunk ranting

Who told you this was a good idea?

I NEED to know what the context behind this is

Unhappy clubbers of the week


Think of this poor man when you order that 5th venom – this is what you do to him

Runners Up:

What traumas has this poor man seen

This made me chuckle

Poor girl is not thriving and I don’t blame her at Why Not

Now this is the true Big Cheese experience

Best of the Rest

Slaying again – I’m loving this character redemption arc

We need more of this energy

OMG katie morag???


We love a photo bomber

Where can I get a water bottle??

Our weekly ROCK ONNN!

Love you too <3

How a group this big has survived this long into the semester is beyond me

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Thomas Image Photography: The Hive Nightclub

Neil Stewart: Rascals

Keelan Bond: Why Not Nightclub

Meher Vepari: Big Cheese

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