Clubbers of the Week: Seeing double in Week Two

You can save the academic comeback for next year x

Refreshers may be a distant memory (if you have any at all) but that hasn’t stopped Edinburgh’s best and worst clubbers from hitting the town this week – and eventually the pavement. We have truly seen it all this week:

Stunner of the Week


The outfits, the hair, the poses, the jewellery, the smiles – you guys have truly mastered the club photo

Runners Up:

Ignoring some questionable venom choices (mango is really the only correct answer) but this list wouldn’t make sense without these smiles

I wish this was in Big Cheese for obvious reasons but nobody is this happy there

Finally, an actual happy birthday – this is why you celebrate in Subway and not WhyNot guys xoxo

The golden retriever and black cat trend has finally made it into Clubbers of the Week

Creeper of the Week


This is some uncanny valley type shenanigans – why do most of you look as if you’ve never seen a camera?

Runners Up:

You need an exorcism x

Why are you posing like you’ve caught her?

Make that two exorcisms actually

This was not your moment to shine my friend

Hero of the Week


Clearly the council can party too

Runners Up:

I can hear the “IT’S BEREALLLLL” from here

Where did you come from, where did you go?

I have never seen someone this happy to be in Big Cheese gotta respect it

Heroine of the Week


I need to know where you bought this it’s beautiful

Runners Up:

It took me a double take to see the issue with this picture

Spreading the love

Absolutely stealing the show

Wanker of the Week


From the dodgy moustache to the matching outfits – you all deserve this prize x

Runners Up:

No comment

This one is purely based on vibes (sorry)

How I wish I could just put ew as the caption for all of the posts in this section

WTF Moment of the Week


How you’ve found this much space on the stage AND convinced all your friends that the club floor isn’t going to give them diseases is beyond me

Runners Up:

Rock onnnnn

Me trying to explain why day drinking in Potterrow helps me write essays

Don’t think you’re famous enough to be scared of the paparazzi guys

Bit of bromance

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


That Big Cheese stare, those vacant eyes

Runners Up:

I can’t tell if you are  just terrified to be around this many women

When the drink starts tasting like ‘I’m only a student for two more years’

A Fess Up Friday rant is needed – WHAT HAPPENED??

I feel you girl

Best of the Rest

Out here looking like my pro clubs player

Sorry to my friends but I want this group instead

I still can’t get over the fact that you did this ON THE CLUB FLOOR

Why are you always hereeeeeee?

Y’all are too pretty for Big Cheese, EUSA doesn’t deserve you

More excited to see the photographer than Dick and Dom

This is Subway not Vogue

POV: you’re in front of the Tesco self service camera

This article could just be an ad for Subway at this point

Trying to charm the bouncer while pretending to be sober

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: Why Not Nightclub

Tracey Largue: Big Cheese

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