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Clubbers of the Week: Breaking ourselves in Week 12

‘It’s the last big cheese of the semester we have to go’ – No, you don’t

We’ve made it – this rollercoaster of  a semester is over. No more 9ams, no more cohort meetings, and thankfully no more Big Cheese. Roll on semester two!

Stunners of the Week


No one else can make a flannel look this good

Runners up:


Realising you don’t have to get up for your 9am tomorrow (you weren’t going anyway x)

Somehow managed to nail the pose, the lighting, and the smile smile all on the first take

This is why it’s called stunnerS of the week!

Creeper of the Week


This picture is the reason I don’t work at Maccies anymore

Runners Up:

Didn’t know ‘worst pose’ was a competition in Subway x

Trying to be smooth after 10 drinks

What has the camera man done to you?

My exact reaction babe

Album cover of the Week


I have no idea what you’re doing but you’re doing it well x

Runners Up:

Hearing someone say ‘Belligoal’ in Subway feels like some form of hate crime but we move

This is clearly from a movie and not Subway idk why it’s here

Me and the girlies as soon as we hear ‘Hey, hey, you you!’

About to drop an incredible disstrack

Perfect timing

Wanker of the Week


Ick lol

Runners Up:

Me: Show me a blank piece of paper as a club photo
ChatGPT: Certainly!

Think you missed the turning to Hive guys

There is no song they play in Subway that requires this move (or that face)

The three horsemen of icks

Hero of the Week


A Renaissance scene

Runners up:

Is this big cheese or a family Christmas party (tbf that would probably have more people than big cheese)

“One more drink?”

Why Not bouncers choosing at random who to let in

Are you Kenough? x

Heroine of the Week


A heroine for being able to have this much fun at Big Cheese

Runners Up:

This picture could be the start of a romance arc

How this passes health and safety assessments I do not know

Showing your friends how it’s done

Honestly deserving of an award for trecking to Why Not at this time of year in a skirt

Happy birthday from the Tab bab

Unhappy clubbers of the Week


This is the second picture where you look both miserable and angry – do you need a hug?

Runners Up:

That’s enough from you mate

I feel you girl

Smile guys x

Best of the Rest

The matching of energy here is beautiful

Take our picture ha ha. We love Subway ha ha.

You look a bit too smug about this mate

This is really cute actually

Wouldn’t be Why Not without the VK/vape combo

Yeah that’ll show them

People are too happy this week, it’s making my job a lot harder

Tongues out, guns out

You have successfully carried this group through the entire semester – you all either hate each other or you’re some sort of social masterminds

The final ‘Rock On’ of the semester 🙁

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Thomas Image Photography: The Hive Nightclub

Kealan Bond: Why Not Nightclub

Tracey Largue: Big Cheese