Clubbers of the Week: Nothing but wine in Week Nine

I know winter’s depressing but you guys need to smile more x

Whether you’re out in a costume one more time before it becomes weird, or you’re spending November celebrating literally everybody’s bloody birthday, the club photographers have once again documented every bad dance move, every bad decision and everyone who goes to Why Not’s bad taste in clubs.

Stunners of  the Week


Just ignore every part of the background and it becomes a really cute pic

Runners Up:


The matching nose rings on different parts of the nose is iconic (guy on the right is letting the team down)

Send this to your mum she’ll love it <3

We’ve got both the smizers and the smilers

Slaying hard enough to redeem the previous 3 weeks being ‘Creeper of the Week’ (sorry about that)

Wanker of the Week


Could you look like any more of a twat?

Runners Up:

Think you guys took a wrong turn on the way to the races x


Say you hate life without saying you hate life

Always wonder what these kind of friend groups actually talk about

There’s a cloakroom for a reason guys

Unhappy Clubber of the Week:


Textbook reason as to why this section exists

Runners Up:

“So I’m actually in the Informatics’ rugby team, not the uni’s”

Tbf this is how you should feel in Why Not

Even at Big Cheese, how can someone look so sad next to someone so happy?

Album Cover of the Week


It’s his world and we’re all living in it

Runners up:

Already a celebrity and the album hasn’t even come out yet

Main character energy

The only thing that drops harder than this tea would be this album

How does his head look like CGI??

Hero/Heroine of the Week


Any friend who tells you this is a good idea is a hero

Runners Up:

Trying to sell a fake laugh to get a free drink (feat. famous creeper)

From that face you know this pizza is going to be talked about for weeks

Subway’s very own sorority (who need to teach their frat bros to smile)

How I feel when Avril Lavigne comes on in the club

Vs. how I feel when Azealia Banks comes on in the club

WTF Moment of the Week


Okay Ice Spice

Runners Up:

I hope this is a dance move rather than a photo pose

My brain when someone says they don’t like Subway

Remember when I said they captured everyone’s bad decisions?

Two types of people when they see the photographer

Bit late for Halloween guys

Best of the Rest

Think you took a wrong turn trying to find Legends babe

Who’s phone is this?

Not one person in this picture can walk in a straight line

For the third week in a row: ROCK ONNNNNN

No phones in sight just people, enjoying the moment <333

Narrowly missing out on a ‘Hero of the Week’ spot

Posing for a family photo in Subway?

I feel like you have somewhere else to be

Photgrapher Credits:

Subway Cowgate: David Stewart

Big Cheese: Meher Vepari

Why Not Nightclub: Keelan Bond

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