Clubbers of the Week: Far too free for Week Three

Hive redemption arc?

From the shock of seeing some Hive stunners, to the unfortunately highly expected WhyNot wankers, this week has once again been full of ups and down, hmmm well mainly downs for my bank account but at least I didn’t end up at Big Cheese.

Stunner of the Week


There’s no way this week’s winner was found in HIVE???

Runners Up:

When you’re on the same wavelength as the DJ

You two make me nervous

Drop the skincare routine and your dentist’s please ladies, you’re glowing

I want my crusty old men back Hive – who am I meant to put in ‘Creeper of the Week’ now?

Creeper of the Week


This right here officer

Runners Up:

Visual representation of midterms sneaking up on us

How do you look so scary in such a wholesome group

There is something deeply unsettling about this picture

We found the crusty old men x

Hero of the Week

Who says Halloween is a waste of money?

Runners Up:

Interesting style choice x

“You got with WHO?”

Finding three guys who look like they actually want to be there might be rarer than finding multiple ‘Stunners of the Week’ in Hive, so well done guys just wear a less boring outfit next time x

Where are you finding people this happy in Big Cheese?

Heroine of the Week


Zero crumbs

Runners Up:

Cheeky x

This is how I react to the bouncers’ terrible jokes so they let me back in

Once again this is just a Subway appreciation post <3

Rude but the nails slay

Wanker of the Week


Leave, just leave.

Runners Up:

Please get me out of here I’m scared

Why are you so sweaty??

Your face just annoys me soz

Album Cover of the Week


Rihanna will be using this as inspiration

Runners Up:

You’re telling me this is not a Netflix original ad???

You’re definitely playing in Sneaky Pete’s at the weekend

I’m 90% sure I’ve seen this picture in an early 2000’s music video

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


His yee was not hawing

Runners Up:

You’re allowed to smile guys


Who let you into Subway?

Best of the Rest

Why does Hive look so fun this week?

Ummmm nevermind


Y’all look boring as hell (in a cute way)

Me to anyone shoving in Subway

4 eyes with zero thoughts behind them

I didn’t even know what section to put this artwork in but ROCK ONNNN

Not again.

Why do you have a brace around your neck x

How I feel knowing I need to look at WhyNot pictures again next week x

Photographer Credits

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: Why Not Nightclub

Tracey Largue: Big Cheese

The Hive Nightclub: Thomas Image Photography

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