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This is where you should go out in Edinburgh based on your star sign

Which one is the biggest red flag?

The semester is now well underway, and with many of our “academic comebacks” looking pretty unachievable right now, we could all use a night out to get us back into the spirit. And why waste another evening in your regular local? Being at uni means you should go explore (and you can always meet more old men in Hive).

With the aid of many, many TikTok videos, I’ve compiled the best night-out spots for each star sign:

Aries: Why Not

Impulsive, independent and angry when you need to be – you need all three of these emotions to get yourself and your group to trek across Northbridge and actually make it to the club without losing anyone to the Maccies x KFC danger zone.

Taurus: Potterrow (and previously Teviot)

Loyal, stubborn and often hungry, you came here once in Freshers’, discovered either the half-price curly fries or the £5 burger and pint deal and you’ve never looked back (or around).

Why stick to curly fries when Bobby’s is just down the road?

Gemini: Three Sisters

Commonly described as two-faced and indecisive (don’t come at me, come at TikTok), Three Sisters is the place to be for you as it can fit into all categories of “night out”. Pub, bar, sports screens, society spaces, even a dance floor – honestly, just make up your mind at this point guys.

Cancer: Dropkicks

Irrational but driven – pretty much sums up the mission of getting to their toilets during karaoke. Who thought it would be a good idea to have them at the very front of the dance floor? Stairs too??

How I feel when I realise I need to battle through the crowd (again)

Leo: Rascals/ Freddy’s

You’re confident and love being the centre of attention, so where better than the newly opened Freddy’s? Whether you’ve been sucked in by their near-constant Instagram advertising, or you’ve seen the sticker all over Clubbers of the Week, this is where the drama-loving Leos are meant to be.

Virgo: Big Cheese

With the name coming from the Latin for virgin, does this really need an explanation?

The evolution of my mood at Big Cheese

Libra: Pear Tree

You find comfort in balance and compromise, making Pear Tree your go-to spot. It’s perfect for people who want to go somewhere, but don’t know where, or just want to avoid having to decide. It’s a safe bet, maybe a bit boring, but have you ever heard of someone who actively hates Pear Tree? I don’t think so.

They say you are what you drink

Scorpio: Brass Monkey

With classic movies, dim lighting, and a room filled with beds and sofas, do I really need to say what the stereotype is here?

Sagittarius: Bar 50

You’re open minded with a love of adventure, so this lively hostel turned sports bar is a perfect fit for those seeking something fresh. Whether it’s pool, a pub quiz, or god awful karaoke, Bar50 has all you intrepid explorers could ask for.

You also get a free pizza for joining the pub quiz – and you can decide whether that’s a good or bad thing

Capricorn: Subway

You’re the timekeepers of astrology, and known for your persistence, so where else is better than the club you ultimately spend more time queuing for in the rain than actually dancing in?

Was the wait really worth it?

Aquarius: Doghouse

Expressive and innovative, sums up both your sign and the pub – whether you’re going on a first date, or you’re here virtually everyday, you probably feel the urge to tell everyone around you where you’re going. Trust me, we know by now.

Pisces: Hive