Clubbers of the Week: Out 24/7 in Week 11

Deadlines aren’t getting you down – you’re just going Timber!

Did we all have a week-long bender instead of being the academic weapon we promised ourselves to be at the start of this semester (or after the horrorshow that was midterms)? Or was that just me? x

Stunner of the Week


Sorry who’s Jim?

Runners Up:

Trying to act suprised when your friend falls for another red flag

Omg an influencer?? (doubt)

Maybe just leave club photography to the pros…

Proving the “I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends” guy wrong

Creeper of the Week:


How I feel writing ‘Stunner of the Week’ vs ‘Creeper of the Week’

Runners Up:

Someone’s jealous

Our creepiest “ROCK ON!” yet

This article was late cos I had to stop and throw up after seeing this photo xoxo

Why is Patrick Star creeping on these poor girls

The last thing my cheesy chips see

Wanker of the Week


You’re in the club mate, not Magaluf x

Runners Up:

Makes me want to cut my dick off and get lobotomised !

Maybe I’m just jealous but I bet you’re a twat (I am so jealous)

You’re ‘ard

They have a burn book and I know it

Hero of the Week


I would make that face too if I realised a guy wearing *that* has better chat than you

Runners Up:

“It’s okay I’ll definitely study tomorrow, I can have a couple of drinks tonight”

Those hips don’t lie

Spreading the love <3

Heroine of the Week


If this was a bunch of lads doing this, they would win ‘Wanker of the Week’ – you saved them babs

Runners Up:

Look like you’re an extra in a low budget Oliver Twist (slayed)

Shiver me timbers babes

We need all the love we can get at this point of the semester

You look as happy, scared and intrigued as the caveman that discovered fire was

WTF moments of the Week


I think I downloaded the wrong Despicable Me movie

Runners Up:

Somehow not giving serial killer even though you’re wearing a leather jacket in a club (if you take it off, just don’t raise your arms pls)

Straight out of ‘This Country’

I could have removed the club watermark and you would have all known where this was

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week


“Point to who you think is this weeks unhappiest clubber”

Runners Up:

When she says she’s the pillow princess

We were so close to a Why Not photo where every guy is smiling – but NO, you had to ruin it

Best of the Rest

I thought the Dahmer hype was over x

Fight, Flight or Freeze as people.

You guys are slaying but I ran out of photos so had to move you from stunners xo

Why are you guys in every picture every week across three different nights at Subway

This guy looks like someone my flatmate would get with – take this as you will

I feel like this is a lower case “rock on”

You two are so close to being in ‘Wanker of the Week’

Work night out vibes and I can’t explain it (ignore the background, I feel like we’re intruding)

This one makes more sense as a work night out – but then what psychopath of a manager thinks of Hive as a good venue for it?

“Rock on” and a “slay” from THE SAME GUY AS THE LAST THREE WEEKS 

Photographer Credit:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Thomas Image Photography: The Hive Nightclub

Keelan Bond: Why Not Nightclub

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