Edinburgh University students Clubbers of the Week: Singing ‘I’m just Ken’ in Week 10

Can this semester end already x

Blame hive for releasing their pictures late for the random St Paddy’s day pics. Actually, just blame Hive for everything.

Stunner of the Week


Genuinely in love with you both LOOK AT THOSE SMILES <3

Runners Up:



PLEASE drop the skincare routine ladies

Bringing those spring vibes to Big Cheese

Creeper of the Week



Runners Up:

“Your boyfriend doesn’t need to know”

On the prowl

You’d be typecast as the small town high school bully

If you’re going to photobomb atleast be funny x

Third Wheel of the Week


I think everyone’s third wheeling here

Runners Up:

More of a tricycle than a third wheel

Not your moment bro

Who’s even the third wheel here?

Wanker of the Week


If we can contain the mewing to WhyNot that would be greatly appreciated

Runners Up:

Don’t think this is going to get Margot Robbie’s attention anytime soon x

Lewis Capaldi from Wish

You definitely made your teacher’s lives miserable

“Put up the number of times tables you know!”

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


Just a Hive girly surviving in a Big Cheese world

Runners Up:

You’ve just met THE Captain Morgan

Crack a smile, you’re in Subway it’s not getting any better

This is some diabolical game

One smile out of four is wild even for Big Cheese

Best of the Rest

Rock on queen

Everyone’s opposite person matches somehow and I love it

Always photo ready

Genuinely where is everyone finding these dentists in Edinburgh?

Some of  Subway’s cutest smiles making up for the boring sods earlier

There’s no amount of money I would accept to eat food inside of WhyNot

The perfect setup doesn’t exi-

You are who I am in my dreams

How it must feel to meet the writer(s) of clubbers of the week 🙂

Photographer Credits:

Tracey Largue: Big Cheese

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: Why Not Nightclub

Thomas Image Photography: The Hive

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