Edinburgh University students Clubbers of the Week: Seventh Heaven in Week 11

Time to pre before the sun even sets

There’s something in the air in the library just makes me want to drink. Or maybe I just want to drink?

Stunner of the Week


You’d both give me a coffee with latte art of a heart and I’d fall for you

Runners Up:

You guys are exactly what Subway should be

Wouldn’t even need the watermark to know you were in WhyNot

I’ve already told my parents about all of you

Wanker of the Week


Don’t know how you’ve spilt your drink so badly in a room full of max 15 people

Runners Up:

Get the badge in x

Correct reaction girl



WTF Moment of the Week


Look, I’m sorry, but if your hen do is in hive… good luck

Runners Up:

Should’ve gone to Specsavers

What Jesus would’ve wanted x

Dance battle ready


When your friend asks what you did with their drink

Creeper of the Week



Runners Up:

The way he’s staring right at the camera from all the way over there is truly haunting

So many gym bros

Good soup

Okay Kubrick

Best of the Rest

Edexcel called, you’re in the next Higher French textbook

Zero life behind these eyes whatsoever

Pop off Billy Elliot


Dumb and dumber

Didn’t know we had a celebrity in our midst

Looking gorg ladies

I need more of this energy

Easter Sunday? Easter Monday

Rock onnnnn

Photographer Credits:

Tracey Largue: Big Cheese

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: Why Not Nightclub

Thomas Image Photography: The Hive

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