MAFS UK star Chanita Stephenson calls out the current cast for being a ‘bit too wild!’

She thinks they’re on the show ‘for fun’ and are not ‘focusing on their marriages’

MAFS UK bride Chanita Stephenson has called out the “wild” 2023 cast as the drama continues on the show’s fourth week. Chanita appeared in last year’s show and was married to Jordan, but the two split soon after the show finished filming.

Chanita discussed the now infamous game of spin the bottle, in which Porsha was called out for kissing four men. Chanita explained her thoughts on the incident saying, “I just think that the women always get more backlash.

“For me, I think it’s strange that the group was even playing that in the first place. When I was on the show, I was there to focus on my marriage, not kiss other people. I feel like this year’s contestants are always going a bit wild, they’re here to have fun, not focus on their marriages!”

She also had her say on the show’s newest couples, saying, “I think new couple Erica and Jordan are doing really well.

“I really, really liked the effort he made for her birthday during their honeymoon – he’s coming across as sweet and a nice guy. They’ve started off really well, but let’s face it, it is MAFS UK, so it could all come crashing down.”

Chanita went on to reveal that she thinks Rozz and Thomas are the underdogs. “They seemed really comfortable with each other and it’s a nicer story to see, that they’ve had their troubles and are working through it,” she said. “You can tell that they’re here for the right reasons and not just to be on TV.”

The current series of MAFS UK has been one of the most explosive yet, with Brad and Shona being forced to leave the show as a result of Brad’s controlling behaviour. And to top it off, Luke has now been axed from MAFS UK following a physical fight with Jordan, that was even captured on camera. Bring on the drama!

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