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Um, the video of Georges squatting has been revealed and you absolutely have to watch it

Give this man all the baguettes

Last night’s MAFS UK episode showed Georges meeting Peggy’s parents and sister. And Peggy’s sister was determined to get to the bottom of Georges squatting antics after she claimed she’d seen him squat in just his “boxers.” Peggy was mortified that her family had seen the videos of him explaining that, “The fact my family has seen these videos of my husband is humiliating and embarrassing for me.”

The video shows Georges do several squats after a subscriber paid him five pounds to do the action during a live stream on Twitch. And contrary to Peggy’s sister’s claims that he was only squatting in his boxers, he has gym shorts on, so there’s nothing too revealing going on!

Georges’s Squatting Video. Poor, Poor Peggy…
by inMAFS_UK

After the dinner, Peggy and Georges came to an agreement that he wouldn’t perform those acts online. “The fact my family has seen these videos of my husband is humiliating and embarrassing for me,” she revealed.

“That’s the kind of perception they have of him now. It’s going to be difficult to change their opinion of him,” Peggy added. It came as her sister said to Georges that she had watched his Twitch videos saying, “Seen it. Fully clothed but not a lot of clothing.”

She added, “Well, no, you’re just hiding your dignity. Quite short boxers.” The MAFS UK groom Georges then clarified that he wasn’t being forced to do anything he didn’t want to.

Georges squats take place on his Twitch channel, FrenchBerty. Twitch is an interactive live streaming service, where people can stream themselves playing video games. One of its key features is the ability for viewers to chat with each other in real-time during the streams.

Georges revealed his viewers can redeem things called “baguettes” and “baguette” points in last night’s episode. This means Twitch viewers with lots of said “baguettes” can request what game he plays or dare him to do something of their choosing. Naturally, one of his viewers even asked for him to electrocute his nipples with a flyswatter. Yes, really. He described it as a “real experience” and probably something he “wouldn’t do again.”

Georges has 3.6k followers on Twitch and streams on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 pm. The games he’s currently streaming are Call of Duty Warzone and Lords of The Fallen.

As for the “baguettes” his viewers can win, they’re more commonly known as Twitch channel points. Channel points are to help encourage viewers to participate in the stream chat. When a viewer watches a stream they receive 10 points for every five minutes of live watch time. However, when a viewer is actively watching a stream, meaning they’re engaging in the community chat, they gain 50 points for every 15 minutes they watch.

Creators can customise the icon of the points, so being part French, Georges has obviously gone with baguettes.

You can then make custom rewards that viewers can redeem their points for, such as giving viewers the option to ask you to electrocute your nipples. Classic Twitch stuff.

MAFS UK 2023 continues tonight on E4. For more like on Georges from MAFS UK and for all the memes and gossip, like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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