Student arrested for painting McEwan Hall red during protest in Bristo Square

The protest was part of a walk out organised by Edinburgh University Justice for Palestine Society

A student was arrested by police in Bristo Square, after painting their hands red and placing them onto the glass entrance of McEwan Hall amid the Edinburgh University Justice for Palestine Society (EUJPS) walkout.

The student was then escorted to a nearby police car, where they were taken away, surrounded by fellow protesters, who chanted “let him go” and “who are you protecting?”

This comes as part of a student walkout and strike, which saw over 100 students take to George Square outside the library before moving across campus to Bristo Square, where police were present.

The walkout, organised by the EUJPS, is part of four days of action against the ongoing situation in Gaza and Southern Israel, culminating in a protest being organised tomorrow afternoon on the Mound.

Posting to Instagram, the society states the action to “end the siege of Gaza” and follows a protest at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, and a protest in Bristo Square yesterday.

A range of speakers took to a megaphone to express outrage amidst the conflict, creating a space for solidarity and condolences to be shared amongst affected students and staff.

The action comes a week after VP Peter Mathieson released a statement saying “All right-minded people will share my horror at the loss of life, displacement and traumas that have overtaken people” in the area. 

If you have been affected by the conflict, the University has set up resources and spaces for students and staff to access, and are available here.

The University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Police have been contacted for comment.

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