Welsh student dies just hours after arriving at uni following fatal bicycle accident

Harry Webb was due to start his course the next day

A Welsh music student has died hours after arriving at university, following a fatal bike incident.

Harry Webb, 27, died after he was involved in unexpected collision between two cars which caused his bike to crash, WalesOnline reports.

From Crickhowell, South Wales, Harry was due to start his second year at London College of Contemporary Music. He was cycling to a nearby swimming pool when the incident occurred.

Harry was fatally injured as a result of the crash and was taken to hospital, where he died two days later. The day after the crash was intended to be Harry’s first day of the second year of his course. 

A 24-year-old woman was arrested for grievous bodily harm but is now on bail after the incident which occurred on Sunday, 10th September.

His parents, Pat and Mike Webb, were later informed of Harry’s accident hours after they had dropped him off to settle into his new house share in Hackney, on Kenworthy Road. 

A spokesperson for Hackney Cycling campaign said: “Harry was only 27-years-old, and he had a great future in front of him”.

Many others have expressed their deepest condolences and their admiration for Harry, who was described as having a “kind, warm and generous loving personality”, and who had friends from “all over the world”, from all walks of life including diverse nationalities and faiths.

“Harry was bright, engaging and loved the challenge of learning new things and travelling to new places. He has had a lifelong love of music, he was a drummer, pianist and composed music.”

They also added: “He had a maths and philosophy degree from Bristol University and a master’s in philosophy from Amsterdam University” as well what would have been expected to be a further Master’s from London College of Contemporary Music. 

Harry’s parents have said: “Harry believed the roads in London could have been made much safer”. Following the loss of their son, Harry’s parents hope to embark on a mission to make the streets of London safer, to prevent further tragedies.  

Garmon ap Garth, Hackney Cycling Campaign co-coordinator said roads in London boroughs have been adjusted to navigate cyclists through introducing traffic filters but agreed that “recent deaths highlight that more actions are required to be taken to make Hackney’s streets much safer”. 

Featured image via Metropolitan Police.

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