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Storm Babet causes flooding on University of Lincoln’s Brayford campus

Flooding on campus near Minerva has caused major disruptions to students

University of Lincoln’s Brayford campus was struck by storm Babet on Friday, causing the Brayford River to overflow and flood multiple buildings and roads.

The Environment Agency said more than a month’s rain fell in the county in 24 hours.

The Minerva building is seemingly the only university building to have sustained flood damage. A team has been working this morning to clear the water from the first floor cafeteria.


Areas that have been badly damaged by the floods have been sectioned off. This includes areas around Cygnet Wharf accommodation buildings.

Situated on the river’s edge, the flooding has affected the surrounding walkways but the buildings themselves have miraculously avoided being breached.

The damage sustained around other parts of the river has been far more extensive.

Last night the flooding made it onto Brayford Wharf E, with the road becoming inaccessible to cars and pedestrians.

A student from the university said: “I was parked in the NCP on the Brayford and the flooding made it so I couldn’t get to my car. I had parked it there about three hours ago and it was fine. When I did manage to get to it the flooding was so bad my car started making noises!”

Businesses North of the Brayford have suffered extensive damage as the flooding has gotten worse. Lincolnshire Police said on Friday afternoon to avoid the Brayford Wharf North area due to flooding.

Several businesses in this area have taken a significant hit due to the storm and will likely be closed over the weekend.

The public has been advised to avoid heavily flooded areas and driving during the storm, however, with flood risk warning being low for the rest of the weekend, it seems the worst is over for Lincoln.

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