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Bianca MAFS UK

Bianca reminds viewers ‘no one deserves any form of hate,’ amid MAFS UK cheating drama

She was ‘hurt and disappointed’ that people are using ‘transphobic and homophobic abuse’

Bianca displayed some truly iconic behaviour at last week’s MAFS UK explosive dinner party and has had a lot of people publicly supporting her for how she spoke out on JJ and Ella’s behaviour on the show. And now the bride has put out a statement on her Instagram story thanking her followers for all their “support” during an “emotional time.” But she reminded viewers that whilst feelings were “running high, no one deserves any form of hate,” and she was disappointed people are using “transphobic and homophobic abuse.”

In her full story, Bianca from MAFS UK said: “I just want to reiterate my thanks for all your emotional support in what was an emotional time. However, although feelings were running high please remember that no one deserves any form of hate from these events. I am especially hurt and disappointed to hear people are using transphobic and homophobic abuse. There is no place, time, or situation where this is ever acceptable. Please be kind.”

Bianca’s statement comes after it was revealed that Bianca’s husband JJ was cheating on her with Ella, another MAFS UK bride. It started when the MAFS UK couples were separated for the day, and Ella and JJ began to flirt behind Bianca’s back. The two even admitted they would choose each other as the person they would most like to kiss other than their partner.

Ella and JJ began texting and meeting up behind their partners’ backs, which Bianca found out during last week’s explosive dinner party. Bianca has since said that she didn’t know the two had met up other times until she watched the show, and that it was a very “hard watch” for her.

Bianca said in her previous Instagram story that: “Tonight was a hard watch… again. Tonight was the first time I witnessed Ella and JJ meeting up behind my back as I wasn’t even aware this scene happened.

“Although, thank you for your love and support and all your beautiful messages. I will get back to you all I promise.

“I’ll be signing off for the evening as relieving the experience is overwhelming and witnessing things I didn’t know hurts.”

JJ had made it clear since marrying Bianca that she isn’t his “usual type”, admitting during the show’s latest commitment ceremony that he prefers “girls that have had a lot of work done.” The couple have not even kissed, including on their honeymoon with JJ insisting he wanted to take a new approach on the show to his usual dating style.

The MAFS UK groom said: “My normal type is slightly different to Bianca, it’s been like girls that have had a lot of work done and they kind of all look the same. In this experiment, I wanted something deeper and more emotional.”

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