Jordan from MAFS UK says Luke’s ‘mask is slipping’ as their social media feud escalates

Why is Luke wearing a mop as a wig??

If you thought the dinner party last week was filled with drama, just wait until you hear about the ongoing feud between Luke and Jordan from MAFS UK. Jordan has slammed his fellow groom Luke and said “your mask is slipping” after the show’s most recent dinner party.

After the episode aired, Luke took to social media to defend his comments after he said that “there’s only so much pressure a man can hold” when they’re not getting on with their wife, in response to JJ growing close to Ella behind Bianca’s back.

“I think people have misinterpreted this comment,” he said. “The point I was making was that JJ was under pressure with his marriage failing and then more pressure with Ella so he needed a couple of days to look after his mental health. It’s not about being under pressure to cheat.”


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Now Jordan has posted a video to his TikTok in response to Luke where he explained why Luke “hates him” and that his “mask is slipping”.

In the TikTok, Jordan said: “So we have all seen Luke desperately trying to defend himself since last night’s dinner party and it’s actually embarrassing. He’s crying on his stories and in the comments section, calling people haters just because they disagree with him.

“You’ll see over the next couple of weeks if anyone has a different opinion to Luke, he loses his head, he gets emotional. That’s why he hates me. I don’t even know what point you were trying to make last night but I know full well, if you were in Bianca’s position, you would not like it.”

He finished off the video and said: “Luke, don’t be warning everyone about me, just check yourself because your mask is slipping”.


Watch this space 🤦🏽‍♂️ #mafsuk #mafs

Watch this space 🤦🏽‍♂️ #mafsuk #mafs

Luke soon hit back, sharing a video on Instagram as he made fun of Jordan’s claim about being mistaken for footballer Jack Grealish. Wearing a mop on his head and a football shirt, he said, “So it looks like you can’t take my name out of your mouth and you want to keep dragging this on.

“So me defending myself this week, mate, do not forget what you’ve done and what people are going to see this week coming.

“In next week’s episode, you’re going to be outed. And you’re saying, ‘Oh, my mask is slipping.’ Bro, your wig is slipping, I’m telling you.”

Luke is rumoured to have been axed from MAFS UK over a heated row with Jordan, whom he apparently “punched”, in scenes yet to air from the couples’ retreat. The latest episode saw Bianca walk out of the dinner party after she was dragged into an argument with her co-stars after it was revealed that her husband JJ and Ella were secretly texting. Ella and JJ caused chaos at the dinner party after admitting they had feelings for each other, despite the fact they were trying to work on their relationships with their spouses.

Ella’s husband, Nathaniel Valentino, and Bianca were left humiliated by their partners, with Nathanial declaring “Guys, I’m leaving now, I’ve lost myself in the whole of this storm. Bye, I’m gone.” Bianca also began to sob, before she later called them both “f***ing liars.”

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