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A roundup of the vibiest behind the scenes pictures of the MAFS UK 2023 cast

Rozz and Thomas have my whole heart

There’s no question that MAFS UK is edited, after all it is a TV show and some of the editing mistakes can be easily spotted! But these vibey Instagram pictures from the MAFS UK cast give us an insight into the reality of filming the show, and even what they get up to on their honeymoons and in their apartments! From falling asleep on each other’s shoulders to trying on their wedding dresses for the first time, here’s a roundup of the vibiest behind the scenes pictures!

Starting off strong with Thomas, Luke and Terence before the commitment ceremony. Can I just say Terence is such a mood, that’s actually what I look like right now under my blanket.

This solo shot of Luke from MAFS UK on his honeymoon in Grenada is giving boy band vibes for some reason. I’d feel so akward.

Stop, these pics of Jordan and Erica on their honeymoon are actually so adorable. The camera crew look like such a vibe to be honest.

If MAFS UK is going to give us one thing it’s an iconic trio. If Bianca was in this picture it would be framed in my flat right now. Such a precious group of people.

I am impressed that she can fit under Peggy’s wedding dress but I’m just intrigued what she’s up to under there. Probably secretly watching Georges squatting videos.

This is actually such wholesome vibes. Very obsessed with Jay from MAFS and her vibey life.

These honeymoon pictures honestly have me falling for the camera crew, I want to be friends with them all.

The third picture from Laura and Arthur’s honeymoon could genuinely make for an iconic album cover.

I’m so distracted by Jordan’s absolutely horrific sunburn. Praying for his sake he brought aftersun with him.

How is Erica this cool all the time? The picture of her in sunglasses, a parka and her wedding dress needs to be framed and put in an art gallery.

The pictures of them both deep in their REM cycle are cracking me up.

I’m here only for the husky pictures.

She’s absolutely serving and the camera mans reaction is all of us.

I would lay down my life for Rozz. She’s having the absolute time of her life.

Some of the MAFS UK cast have been closer to the camera crew than they were to their own spouses!

I love these two so much, and their chioce of snacks only further seals the deal for me. Mini pringles, Milka AND maltesers? What a haul.

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