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Bianca went into MAFS UK with ‘a very open heart’ but says it ‘totally backfired on me’

‘The outcome wasn’t what I wanted to experience’

Our favourite MAFS UK bride Bianca has sadly left the show after last night’s episode when she and JJ both voted to leave the experiment. Bianca found out last week that JJ and Ella were seeing each other behind their spouses’ backs, and decided to leave the experiment at the commitment ceremony.

In her Instagram post she spoke about her time on the show, explaining how she went into the experiment with a “very open heart ready to give it my all,” but “unfortunately this wasn’t meant to be.”

Bianca wrote: “From the very beginning, I went into this experiment with a very open heart ready to give it my all. I trusted the experts and hoped that they would find me a man who was ready for love, a future, and a family, unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be.

“Although the outcome wasn’t what I wanted to experience, I still learned a lot about myself and know what is and isn’t right for me. Know your worth and never stay where you no longer feel valued, appreciated, or loved.

“Thank you to all my followers, friends, and family for all your love and support over the past few weeks, you’ve helped me get through this. I’m happy and free.”

Despite all the turmoil on the show, Bianca from MAFS UK has reminded viewers that “no one deserves any form of hate” and that “emotions were high” on the show.

The MAFS UK bride said in her story, “I just want to reiterate my thanks for all your emotional support in what was an emotional time. However, although feelings were running high please remember that no one deserves any form of hate from these events. I am especially hurt and disappointed to hear people are using transphobic and homophobic abuse. There is no place, time, or situation where this is ever acceptable. Please be kind.”

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