Cardiff Uni students are the third most attractive in the UK, data reveals

Not that we need telling

It is OFFICIAL – Cardiff University has been ranked the third highest for unis with the most attractive students. That’s hot.

Data collected by Unifresher has proven our freshers are more than just silly, ranking our students’ third most attractive in the UK.

The only surprise? We didn’t claim the top spot. Following closely behind UCL and Imperial College London, our best bet is the Londoners did the voting.

The data has since been shared on Instagram, showing Cardiff Uni carrying team Wales, with it being the only Welsh Uni to make the top five. Looks like rugby isn’t the only thing Swansea can’t keep up with.

Any competition is healthy, right? The video sharing the data from Unifresher and posted on Instagram by @yourfreshersguide gained lots of attention, something us Cardiff babes are all too familiar with. One comment read “As a Cardiff University student I can say with full confidence this is 100 per cent true, I am sexy af.” An undoubtably accurate statement.

A second year student from Cardiff University said: “Only third most attractive?”.

The validity of TikTok and our mirrors cannot be denied. As representatives of Cardiff, it is safe to say we’ve made a good impression. Point proven and case closed. Y’all are attractive!

So, when you’re next indulging in the SU’s finest VKs, take a look around, because we are beautiful. Oh yeah, better luck next time Cardiff MET.

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