Bournemouth University alumni died from cardiac arrest caused by an accidental overdose

Jack Nicholas John Holdsworth was described as a ‘one in a million man’

A Bournemouth University alumni has died from an accidental overdose, an inquest heard.
Jack Nicholas John Holdsworth, died from cardiac arrest caused by the overdose on 31st March, Daily Echo reports.
The 28-year-old, who received a first class degree in forensic computing and networking at BU, was found unresponsive at his home in Poole after taking a mix of recreational drugs that caused severe brain injury.
An inquest was held at Bournemouth Town Hall on the 10th October, where friends said that Jack was a “happy, positive person” with a “good job” in AI, but took drugs on a regular basis.
Jordan Graham, a friend of Jack’s, said in a statement read at Bournemouth Coroners Courts that he went round to Jack’s house on March 27th, with other friends. After taking a drug that he was unfamiliar with, Jack went to the bathroom “feeling sick’” but his Jordan, soon heard a “thumping sound” that sounded like a seizure.
Jordan called an ambulance and said Jack had around seven seizures before emergency services arrived.
Debbie Rookes, assistant coroner for Dorset, said that paramedics arrived at the scene at around 4am on 28th of March where Jack was “grey and unresponsive”.
Intensive care consultant at Poole Hospital, Dr James Keegan, said that Jack’s heart had stopped but was able to be restarted and he was taken to the hospital, where a CT scan revealed that he had suffered a “severe brain injury”. He was pronounced dead on the 31st of March.
Ms Rookes stated that Jack died from a hypoxic brain injury from a cardiac arrest caused by a drug overdose induced seizure. Speaking about Jack, she said: “There is no sign that he had any wish to take his life, he took the drugs voluntarily.”
Jordan said he was a “one in a million man” and that he did not use drugs for a sense of escape but “just for fun”.
Jack’s family said in a statement that “Jack was a popular person at work and privately with a wide circle of friends.
“We had lunch with him the week before and he said had recently bought a new car and was talking about going on a family holiday. He loved fishing and had a half-brother and sister that he was very close to and had a loving relationship with his mum and dad.”