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JJ from MAFS UK defends Ella from ‘transphobic’ abuse, and says he ‘sees her as a woman’

He also confirmed that he is ‘not bisexual’

JJ from MAFS UK has defended Ella against “transphobic” abuse from social media in a TikTok live. He spoke out after being bombarded with comments about his sexuality.

JJ said, “Am I bi now? No! I see Ella as a girl. I don’t know how many times I have to say that. The thing is everyone in the experiment saw Ella as a woman and a girl because that’s what she is.”

Since it was revealed at Monday night’s dinner party that JJ and Ella were secretly meeting up behind their spouses’ backs, Ella has talked about how she’s been receiving more abuse online. In an Instagram statement, she said, “My transition has nothing to with what happened tonight, it is entirely irrelevant. I’m going to be taking a break from my socials as it’s hard seeing/reading the constant abuse I’ve received recently, especially the transphobic abuse. Condemning me with hate messages isn’t the right answer, two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Bianca has also condemned those who were using Ella’s behaviour as an excuse to be transphobic. In her full story, Bianca from MAFS UK said, “I just want to reiterate my thanks for all your emotional support in what was an emotional time. However, although feelings were running high please remember that no one deserves any form of hate from these events. I am especially hurt and disappointed to hear people are using transphobic and homophobic abuse. There is no place, time, or situation where this is ever acceptable. Please be kind.”

Luke also joined JJ’s TikTok live and agreed with what JJ was saying. The MAFS UK groom said, “Ella to me is a woman. I had never been around someone trans so I had to personally be educated. I look at trans people totally differently now. I had to have this conversation with Ella because I needed to be educated as well.

“Speak to your friends about it in your group chat or privately not on a comment or a post. Speak about it privately if you want to have a rant.”

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