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From Lady Gaga to Liz Truss, which iconic celebrities do the cast of MAFS UK look like?

I genuinely think Thomas has a long lost celebrity brother

When you’re watching MAFS UK, do you ever wonder to yourself why you feel like you’ve seen them before? Well, with Rozz now spending almost as long in the MAFS UK experiment as her celebrity lookalike Liz Truss spent as Prime Minister, it’s time we break down who the MAFS UK cast’s celebrity doppelgangers are! So, from Jack Grealish to Lady Gaga, here are some of the most iconic celebrity lookalikes for the cast of MAFS UK!

Liz Truss and Rozz

Okay, now hear me out. I absolutely adore Rozz and genuinely think she’s one of the most beautiful brides on the show. But there is something about her that really reminds me of the Truss. And to be fair, a lot of people on Twitter have been thinking the same thing! I think it’s a combination of the eyes, smile, and nose that bears the similarity to the former Prime Minister. Feel like Liz probably loves a bit of MAFS UK.

David Potts aka El Jefe and Mark


Via Instagram @davidpottsx and @markkiley

Mark wishes he was El Jefe. But where El Jefe was iconic, Mark just comes across as high maintenance. Still, the two share a love for all things bling, fake tan, lip filler, and teeth so white you could use them as a torch.

Lady Gaga and Bianca


Via Instagram @ladygaga and @biancapetrozi

Two queens together. Lady Gaga and Bianca look so similar to me! Their hair colour, lip shape, noses, and even their eyebrows are nearly identical! I mean they basically have the same blazers on in these pics! What icons.

Luis Suarez and Thomas

Via Instagram @luissuarez9 and @thomaskriaras

UMM, I genuinely feel like Thomas from MAFS UK and footballer Luis could be long-lost brothers. The two look so alike it’s actually a little bit freaky.

Jack Grealish and Jordan

Via Instagram @jackgrealish and @jordanrmgayle

As well as Jordan constantly going on about how he gets mistaken for footballer Jack Grealish, the two do look pretty similar to be fair. But I feel like 99 per cent of that is just to do with the hairband, which by the way is really not a look and should be banned immediately.

Mae Muller and Erica

Via Instagram @maemuller and @ericarobertss_

Women are genuinely so stunning. Erica gives such a similar vibe to Eurovision’s Mae Muller, the hair colour, lips, and outfit choices are majorly twinning. Also just feel like they’d both get on so well.

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